My Waist Training Adventure

I’ve always had a bit of a weird body shape. A bit of a square like straight down shape (haha). So when I saw that I could get something to change that easily, it got my attention straight away.  So I went and got a waist trainer after reading all about them on this website.

Initially, I wasn’t impressed as it felt uncomfortable and tight on the first day. I wasn’t looking forward to it on the second day of wearing it but when I did put it on, it felt completely different.  It was so much more comfortable and I wore it the entire day easily. So anyway, it’s going good and I will update you all with my progress in waist training.


First blog post

Hey heyyyyy.  Welcome to my blog!! I hope you look forward to reading this site as much as I look forward to writing on it.

So on here there will be quite a lot featured aboout my life and how I try to keep fit and various womanly things.  I’m currently studying beauty at college and so there might be some stuff about that on here too.

Anyway, until next time……  See ya later!!